Coupons in Upvio Appointments

Coupons are a great way to incentivize new and existing customers to purchase your services online through Upvio.

With Upvio you can generate $ (or your currency) off discounts or % off discounts.

Other features of the Upvio coupon system include:

  • Expiration dates (based on the date of making the booking rather than date of service)
  • Number of times the coupon can be used
  • Spend limit associated with that coupon e.g. $100 off with a spend limit of $1,000 would mean the coupon could only be used 10 times
  • You can manually switch coupons on and off
  • You can use coupons like gift cards - which will be explained below

Using Upvio Coupons as Gift Cards

You can generate a unique gift card for a customer and even allow that gift card to be partially redeemable. Meaning that if a $200 gift card is generated (as seen below), by toggling "disable coupon after a fixed expenditure" and toggling "allow partial discounts", this will mean that a user can for example book a $100 service for free. This will then adjust the amount remaining on the voucher to be $100. The user can then use the remainder of the coupon against other paid services with your business.

Customising the coupon field in your booking page

The coupon field will only appear for services where a payment is required. A customer can enter a coupon in that field, after which, if the coupon is valid, the price of the service will be updated. If the payment is to take place via PayPal or Stripe, those gateways will charge the corresponding, discounted amount. If the service requires payment upon arrival, that too will be recorded in the appointment.

This is what the record of coupon usage looks like in the appointment record:

You can also adjust the language on the booking page that pertains to the coupon by following the below steps:

You can also pre-fill coupon codes in the URL. Simply head to your public booking page > scroll to the URL > options > prefill coupon code > paste your coupon code

The coupon code will be auto applied to the URL which you can share