Custom appointment fields

Say you would like to mark if someone has turned up to an appointment, and then export that information in a CSV and analyze turn-up rates. Now you can.
Simply head to your Appointments screen > custom fields > on the right will appear an "Appointments custom fields" area > add a custom field type (like a yes / no field)

Using appointment custom fields

Click into an appointment > custom fields > interact with your custom fields > make sure to wait till you get the save message > refresh the page and your changes will persist

You can also interact with custom fields by including them in your default columns in list view.
To do so, head to appointments > list (in the top section) > customize columns > find the custom fields you have created, tick them to insert them in your view > save

You will now be able to refresh the page and will be able to make changes to the custom fields right out of the list view, without having to click into the appointment

Export your custom fields

You can export your appointments by clicking "export to csv" in the bottom left of the appointments screen. This will export all your appointment data as well as your custom notes.