integration with Upvio is a platform for HIPAA compliant telemedicine.

Upvio supports a integration at a service level and at a staff level.

Setting up at a service level

This is ideal for clinics or individuals who only have one meeting room.

Step 1: Go to and copy the meeting room URL

Step 2: Navigate to your Upvio business > services > click on your desired service > scroll down to "Location type"

Step 3: Ensure "Virtual" is selected as the location type and then select "Custom URL" from the dropdown > paste your meeting URL into the text box

Now when this service is booked the URL will automatically show up as the location in your confirmation screen, invites and notifications.

Setting up at a staff level

This is ideal for the scenario where multiple staff have their own meeting rooms (URLs)

Step 1: Go to and copy the meeting room URL of the specific staff member. If you want to do this for your own meeting room, simply copy your meeting room URL.

Step 2: Login to Upvio > select your business > click on your profile (or if you are an admin click on "staff & resources" then select the staff member you wish)

Step 3: Navigate down to the "Virtual location type" and select "Custom URL" then paste in the URL

Now what will happen is that every time that particular staff member is booked for any virtual service, their personal URL will appear as the location in invites. It will automatically overwrite any virtual location presets at a service level.

You can also set up from the Wizard which will open when you first create your Upvio account.

Step 1: Select "go to wizard"

Step 2: Fill out every step until you get to step 5 "services"

Step 3: Either create a new service or edit an existing service by clicking the button in the top right hand section of the service

Step 4: Select "Virtual" as the location type > custom URL > paste your meeting room for the service > save service > finish the wizard

You can launch the wizard at any time from your dashboard by clicking the "open setup wizard" button in the top right of the dash