How do group bookings work?

As of August 2019, Upvio now supports group bookings in the form of class bookings where several people can book into a single time slot.
This is particularly useful yoga studios, fitness instructors, counsellors as well as room and venue bookings.

To unlock group booking head into your add-ons page, scroll down until you find group bookings. Then subscribe to it.

Once you have done so, you will be able to create a new service and for that service you can select how many time slots you would like to be booked. In other words, how many customers you would like the ability to book a single slot.

NOTE: If you have multiple staff available at the same time - then there will be double the available time slots. So if you select 3 time slots per session and you have 2 available staff at a time, then you will have 6 available slots.
Assign one staff member per service to limit the slots.

As usual you can adjust locations if you need.

Save your service, then open it up to get a link directly to it, or you could just view it in your generic booking page.

You can now share that booking page with your clients who will be able to book slots. They will be able to view the number of available slots for the session as shown below.

You can adjust service working hours to limit the number of slots.

In the backend, your group appointments will be grouped also.

And if you click on the group booking you will be able to see all the attendees (who will also get their own invite) and you will be able to reschedule individuals or the whole group.