How do I limit my availability

As of August 2019, Upvio allows customers to set their limits for bookings either at a business or service level. This means you can set your availability to now show more than "2 weeks at a time" of availability for example.

To do get started;

  1. Head into your addons and grab the "extended availability" addon
  2. Head into your business > settings > scroll down to "Booking availability limit" - by default we limit your business availability to 90 days.
    - Note it is free to reduce your availability
    - If you would like to extend your availability beyond 90 days you will need to purchase this addon
  3. Adjust your availability in days

You can also adjust availability at a service level by selecting "use custom limit for this service" in your custom availability and then adjusting the number of days therein.

Video tutorial below: