How do I manage my staff?

As of January 2023, you can:

  • Add staff to particular services
  • Make staff admins of businesses
  • Have staff sync their own calendars and availability
  • See staff bookings in the dash and also in the appointments view
  • Add staff to specific services
  • Generate booking URLs for specific staff directly
  • Upload staff images and avatars to display when they are being booked
  • Give your users the opportunity to select which staff member they prefer on the booking page as well as remove the "No Preference" option by disabling the "Allow not choosing a staff preference" option provided at the bottom of the Services page.
  • Adjust staff working hours and breaks
  • Have staff receive reminder, booking and cancel email and SMS
  • Have staff show only availability for specific days
  • Manually schedule staff with customers and appointments from the 'appointments' view from the backend

Coming functionality:

  • Individual staff timezones
  • Resource booking (non human staff e.g. rooms, trucks etc)

Update May 2020, you can now schedule staff working hours as per: