How to integrate Microsoft Teams

It is really quick and easy to integrate Microsoft teams.

Simply login to Upvio > Integrations > Microsoft Teams

You will be taken to the teams connection page > connect a teams account (green button)

NOTE: please ensure your OFFICE 365 account has a teams connection, otherwise you will need to upgrade your Office 365 for this.

Once you have completed the setup Wizard, you will need to select whether you would like the Teams connection to live at a business level (so any staff in your business can have appointments made with that Teams connection) or at a staff level, where each staff has their own Teams connection and will be able to control their own teams account.

Once you have connected your acount at a staff level, you may want to head to staff > click on a staff member > scroll down to location and set the teams connection for the staff member. What this will mean is that whenever a staff is booked for a virtual service, the Team meeting location will overwrite the location of the service.

You will want to set the location at a service level to use any meeting location (as the staff location will overwrite it anyway), unless you select the "override staff location" toggle below the service location.

If you have a Teams connection at a business level, the service based location will take precedence.