How to re-sell Upvio & earn commission

Do you have or know of customers who could benefit from the appointment scheduling power of Upvio? Well now you can help set them up with Upvio and earn commissions for the lifetime of the customer on our platform.

This is not just another affiliate program, what we have built is a platform that allows you to add value to your customers while creating a recurring revenue stream for your business.

How to get started:

Log-in to your Upvio page > addons > scroll down till you see the 'reseller' addon for just $19 per month and unlock its power. The power to set-up businesses for customers, issue 30 day trials then hand over billing for the business to them and revenue share with Upvio.

How to use the reseller portal:

  1. Set-up your PayPal email so that we can transfer payouts to it. Payouts will be transfered on the second last day of the calendar month for all commissions over $500 USD.
  2. Navigate to the 'customers' section > create customer in the top right enter your customer' information.
  3. Select the plan and addons that you would like your customer to trial for 30 days for free and that you think might get them over the line.

  4. Navigate to your 'businesses' seciton to find the business you have set-up there with yourself in the administrator role.

   5. Set-up the business for your customer to make their take-up simple. See if you              can:

  • Add their logo and their colors
  • Set-up their working hours
  • Add their calendars
  • Set-up their addons like PayPal payments
  • Customise their notifications
  • Change the wording or translate their public booking page

   6. Send your customers an invite to their business either using the native                    Upvio invitation or by copying the link and pasting it in your own private email.

7. Track your customers' usage of Upvio through the reseller portal, touch base with them. Then monitor those that convert. Note: any addons that the customer choses will automatically be credited to your reseller portal even if you did not set them up for the customer.

8. Track sales and your commission on your 'sales' page.

The commission you will receive is as follows:

  • For the first 10 customers; receive a 25% revenue share
  • For the next 100 customers; receive a 30% revenue share
  • For the next 300 customers; receive a 35% revenue share
  • For the next 500 customers; receive a 40% revenue share
  • For the next 1,000 customers; receive a 45% revenue share

9. Every month our system will run checks to see if you have accummulated more than $500 in commission and will trigger a payout to your nominated PayPal account at the end of the month. You can track your payouts in the portal. 

10. You can also invite customers in bulk to sign-up to your account by sharing the link from the 'invite customer' button in your 'customers' menu item:

Whever customers sign-up using that link, they will be available on your dashboard, and commission will be attributable to you.