How to use ad-hoc bookings

Say you are speaking to a customer or a friend via email, whatsapp or messenger and you want to offer them a time to catch up that is not a standard service. You want to over-ride your working hours, durations etc. As of April 2019 you can!


Navigate to your appointments screen > new adhoc meeting > select some starting times from the left side of the screen > select how many people you want to share your link with (note: no concurrent/group bookings are available as yet) > create a name for your service > set a duration > generate link > share it

Video instructions below:

2021 feature update: Adhoc services now have their own menu item as seen below:

You can now additionally see prior adhoc appointments listed, and you can click and edit adhoc appointments, changing things like times and dates, locations, duration and the number of people that can attend.

A more recent update of functionality can be seen in our video announcement below: