How to use our Chrome / Firefox extension

Why the extension

Have you ever had to play email ping pong with another person about mutual availabilities? Would it not be a lot more simple to provide your availability and let the other party just book a time that works? 

Now you can do just that with the Upvio Chrome / Firefox extensions.

Without leaving your email client, you can simply click on the extension, open up the window, select times that work and paste those times into the body of your email.
Alternatively you can generate a URL to share.

Here is a brief video overview:

How to set it up

Simply download either the Chrome or Firefox extension.
Then login. If you have an existing business you will be able to select it from the available options. This will be the business that will receive your adhoc appointments moving forward.

If you do not have an existing business, please proceed to to set it up first. You will then be able to log in via the extension.

Once you login, you will see the below screen. To use, simply select the times you would like to meet. These will be the start times which you can pick using the calendar widget on the left.

On the right, you will be able to select the duration of the meetings, as well as a meeting name.

Once you are happy with the options you have selected > 'generate link'.

From here, you will see your booking URL that you will be able to share with your other party. Or, alternatively you can click 'copy dates to clipboard' and paste them into the body of your email client.

Like so:

Your other party can now view your email and click on your available options in line and make a booking. Once the booking is made, if your calendar is synchronized to Upvio, your calendar will send and automatic email invite.

Note: you can customise the booking form questions and notification settings as per usual.

Upcoming features

  • Custom locations (physical and digital incl. zoom and hangouts integration)
  • 2 way calendar sync with your calendar
  • History of previous appointments