How to use ratings and reviews

On your full dashboard (toggle between the full and simple dashboard is in the top left corner of the dashboard screen), you will now find a square tile called "Customer Reviews".

This tile will be locked for you unless you have a plan that includes this addon. You can visit the addons page to get the bookings review widget.

The widget will display an aggregation of reviews for your business, giving you a snapshot of your latest reviews, reviews for staff and of services.

How to setup post appointment reviews

Manually request reviews

You can click into any appointment > Reviews > copy the URL of the review and you can send that that to your customer.
Once your customer has completed the review, it will appear in your reviews tab of the appointment

Automatically setup reviews

This will required the Post appointment followup addon, which can be found in the addons page,

Head to your Notifications in the left menu > scroll to the "Post appointment followups" section > add post appointment message.

Next you will be able to select emails or SMS to go out to your customers or staff minutes, hours or days after an appointment has taken place.
You will also be able to specify specific messages for specific services.

NOTE: For SMS to work, please ensure you have an SMS pack that will give you credit for the SMS. This too can be purchased from the addons page.

To dynamically insert the reviews URL, when editing the message template, use the place holder {{booking-review-url}} or {{booking-review-button}}

How to see aggregation of review

When you receive reviews from your customers, you will also get alerted via an email