How to use recurring appointments

Now you can build services that have a recurring pattern, such as; daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. This way you can encourage loyalty with your customers and remind them about recurring events.

How to activate recurring events:

  1. Login > Addons > subscribe to the addon.
    Now recurring events are activated for all of your businesses!
  2. Head over into a business > services > add new service
  3. Add your service details then scroll down to the "Recurrence" area where you can select daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurrences and the number of times you want your recurrence to recur > save

 4. Head to your public booking page > select the recurring service you wish to book > continue the booking process as usual

 5. When an recurring appointment is made (if your calendar is synced) both your calendar and your customer's calendar (once they accept the invite) will be updated with the recurring appointments

 6. Customers can reschedule or cancel individual appointments or series of appointments. We will be bringing out more sophisticated cancelling rules in 2019.

 7. You can also make recurring appointments through the backend in the 'Appointments' section of the Upvio site by heading to 'create new appointment'

 8. You can also adjust the email and SMS notifications for recurring appointments in your 'Notification Centre'.  Here is your guide to the Notifications Centre.

Video tutorial below: