Upvio Zapier Integration


  • A paid Upvio account
  • A Zapier account

Set-up and configuration

Navigate to Zapier > 'Make a Zap!' (in the top right) > search for 'Upvio' as your Triggering App

After you decide whether you want your app to be triggered when an appointment is made, cancelled or rescheduled, you will be prompted to enter your Upvio API key. 

To access your API key, first ensure you are signed in, then head to the URL specified in the Zapier popup.

Note: if a popup does not show up, check your browser settings to make sure your browser is not blocking popups. Also, check that your popup does not appear behind other windows - this can sometimes happen, especially if you are using multiple screens.

Enter a description in the key you would like to generate - in this case say 'zapier', then click 'generate api key' then click into the text area after the screen refreshes > right click > copy

Then > navigate back to the zapier popup > right click > paste the key > click > 'Yes, Continue'

Your connection should go through successfully.

Click 'Test This Zap'  - at which point Zapier will either pull in prior appointments you have had through your Upvio account, or if you have not had any appointments, sample data will be pulled through.

You can view the samples pulled through by clicking on the downward arrow in the samples > click 'Continue'

Next you can add a step to connect your Zapier to any app in the Zapier directory.

Advanced zaps

You can format the data you extract out of Upvio and selectively filter it into specific apps.


This will allow you to feed select Upvio data to other zapier apps.
For example, add a filter to only filter appointments from a specific service - as the screenshot below demonstrates.

This ability to add filters does require a paid Zapier account.


Formatting is extremely useful and important, particularly if you would like to format the date into a localized version of a date to be used in your CRM or any other app of your pleasing.

To use this select the 'Formatter' Zapier app > 'Date / Time'

Then select 'Format' on the next screen and choose the date field out of Upvio.

Select the format you prefer in 'To Format' and you can find the 'From Format' as YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ (2006-01-22T23:04:05-0000) - this is detailed in the screenshot below.

Click 'Continue' and then test the zap.

Compounding Zaps

Once you have filtered and formatted your Upvio appointment data as you want it, you can then use that formatting in subsequent zaps by referencing the formatter zap. This is depicted below.

What is coming in the future

We will be bringing out more ways for your to push and pull data in and out of Upvio.