Zoom meeting recording place holder

First make sure you reconnect your Zoom account if you already have a Zoom connection with Upvio.

This can be done by following these instructions:

If you are connecting Zoom for the first time, the please follow the instructions here.

Once your connection is authorized, then head into your notifications and scroll down to the post appointment notifications.

From there, you will be able to either edit a template or create a new template, inside the edit mode of the template, you will find the {{zoom-recording-url}} place holder.

Please copy it and paste it into your text body above.

All done!

Now what will happen is that after the meeting is concluded, if there was a recording, that placeholder will redirect to a Upvio page which will show the passcode to access the recording.

Note, Zoom takes some time to generate the recordings, so it might make sense to stagger the post appointment notifications at least 30 min after the appointment to allow for particularly long video encoding.