Liberating healthcare through impactful technology

Our Company

Upvio is a revolutionary healthcare technology company that builds software designed to empower medical, health and wellness professionals to tech-enable and adopt ground-breaking tech-tools that redefine hybrid, virtual and remote care.

The Vision

Liberating health professionals to take back control, tech-enable and provide more meaningful and convenient care.

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Ambitious Goals

Customer Obsession

Extreme Ownership

Get Shit Done

Our Mission

Impact the healthcare society globally through empowering medical and wellness professionals to independently participate in telehealth, providing meaningful care with flexible, innovative and lucrative technology solutions.

It's our mission to tech-enable healthcare professionals to go next-level through radically impactful software.

The Reason Behind it All

We started Upvio to drive unprecedented change in the healthcare ecosystem.
We believe medical and health professionals have been left behind. And that is impacting patient care.
We see it as our mission to effect fundamental change that focuses on enabling and empowering the healthcare professionals through providing affordable and powerful technology tools.

Senior Team

Avatar of Mark Evans
Mark Evans
Avatar of Robert Winkelmann
Marc Qualie
CTO & Co-Founder
Avatar of Marc Qualie
Robert Winkelmann
Chief Marketing Officer
Avatar of Sebastian Bornia
Sebastian Bornia
Lead Developer
Avatar of Omar Sinal Jr
Omar Sinal Jr
Chief Success Officer
Avatar of Evan Cross
Evan Cross
Director Corporate
Avatar of Lisa Luca
Lisa Luca
Head of Partnerships
Avatar of David Traxler
David Traxler
Head of Growth

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