Developer Friendly

Whether it is interacting with our scheduling API, extracting Webhook payloads or setting up your enterprise SSO, we have the solution for you.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Our Enterprise customers can centralize their user authentication via their identity provider of choice.

Facilitate role based authentication, improve security and streamline administration of your Upvio instance.

Composite image of app interface showing staff selection
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection


Integrate Upvio with your EHR or any external system.
Trigger real-time updates and communications when you get appointments or things change in your Upvio instance so that your external systems become aware of the change as well as the nature of the change.

Upvio webhooks send reliable, secure payloads of data anywhere you need them.

Whitelabel solutions

Do you need to extract one or more discrete functionalities of Upvio into your own app or marketplace? Speak to our enterprise team today about whitelabel solutions - hosted anywhere in the world where there is an AWS data center.

Composite image of app interface showing staff selection
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Developer-to-Developer Support

Request access to our Restful API or GraphQL documentation.

No existing endpoint? No worries, we can knock API endpoints out quickly.

If you have a technical request, simply send us a ticket and our professional dev ops team will assist.


Using GraphQL or Restful APIs you can query virtually any piece of information that exists in Upvio. Webhooks further allow you to transfer real-time data to your existing systems.

We are also working on a real time events streaming service that will allow you to aggregate your patient data in your data lake or warehouse.

Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Integrated with your favorite business, video and payment apps

Google Meet


MS Teams




Stripe Payments


Privacy for your GEO jurisdiction

Our enterprise clients can enjoy having their data stored in their country / geography of choice - helping you stay compliant with your local legislation and regulation.


Unparalleled features creating true impact

Complex schedules made easy

Run group and recurring bookings, ad-hoc appointments, and more.

Private and group chats

Support patients with on and offline chat messaging and file sharing.

Video calls from anywhere

Crisp and secure video appointments from any device.

Medical form builder

Free up front desk with digital forms completed online prior to visit.

Remote patient monitoring

Assess health indicators virtually using mobile & web cameras.

Custom notifications for all

Set dynamic email and SMS notifications for patient and staff.

Customizable booking page

Create your booking page, embed it into your site or share a link.

Patient management portal

For patients to manage sessions, prescriptions and more.

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