Remote Health Monitoring with FaceVitals

Monitor health vitals and predict risks of cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke.
Contactless and secure using a smartphone camera - integrated into video consultations, chat and forms.

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Remote Health
in 30 Seconds

FaceVitals is the world's first comprehensive smartphone-based
remote health assessment tool fully integrated with your telehealth tools. Contactless imaging technology is used to capture light reflected from the blood flow beneath the skin of the face, made possible by the translucent nature of the skin. FaceVitals provides a health report to patient and practitioner within 30 seconds.

Upvio remote patient monitoring solutions

Digital Monitoring

FaceVitals accessibility via smartphone, tablet and laptop camera offers a convenient, cost-effective, and scalable alternative to capturing vitals.

Accurate & Reliable

FaceVitals is a quick and mobile way to estimate vital signs and predict health risks with incredible accuracy.


Use FaceVitals while you are on video consultations, on chat messenger or as part of your digital forms. All powered by secure, shareable URLs.

Secure & Compliant

We take data security and privacy very seriously. The proof is our compliance across all key global standards: HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, POPIA and APP.

Are you ready to try FaceVitals? We have limited spots available.

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How it works?

Upvio remote monitoring patient platform


Use your webcam or smart phone camera to capture blood pulsing beneath your skin.


Transdermal optical imaging measures the changes of the sub-dermal layers of the face.


Health vitals and risk prediction is returned within 30 seconds.


Biometric health assessment showing vital signs, health estimations and is available to patients and practitioners.

Health check anywhere, anytime using smartphone

A convenient and reliable way to determine your patients' vital signs and predict risks associated with chronic disease, heart attack, stroke on via smartphone camera and webcams.

Composite image of app interface showing staff selection
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Transform how you monitor your patients

Streamline your day, cover more patients and generate more revenue through scalable, technology-enabled remote monitoring.

World's first fully integrated with telehealth

World's first human imaging health assessment tool fully integrated with your telehealth app across video conversations, chat messenger, scheduling and forms.

Composite image of app interface showing staff selection
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Health reports available instantly

Within 30 seconds FaceVitals produces a comprehensive health assessment covering core vital signs, health estimations and risk predictions.

Accurate & tested over 2 years with over 10,000 subjects

Between 95-99% accuracy validated through independent studies with over 10,000 subjects.

Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

How accurate is


Heart rate


Blood Pressure Estimation


Pulse Pressure



In the press:

Current Hypertension Reports (2019) 21:84

Circ Cardiovasc Imaging. 2019;12:e008857

Scientific REPORTS | (2018) 8:10588

The International Journal of Clinical Practice

Circ Cardiovasc Imaging. 2019;12:e009531

Groundbreaking technology at your fingertips

Contactless, remote, accurate and fast. All it takes is a video camera and 30 seconds to measure:

Vital Signs

Blood Pressure
heart beat
stress index
and more

Health Risk Predictions

disease risk
stroke risk
attack risk
t2 diabetes
-rolemia risk
hypertriglic-eridemia risk
An image showing how sub-dermal optical imaging works to measure body vitals

Upvio uses transdermal optical imaging to extract the reflective signals conveyed by the blood vessels and melanin, from a continuous stream of information.

The intrinsic properties of hemoglobin and melanin are known, therefore FaceVitals can filter re-emitted lights containing hemoglobin from melanin and non-meaningful data, which allows us to superimpose and map blood concentration fluctuations during this 30 seconds scan.

Based on these verifiable methods, it was possible to collect a data repository and implement machine learning algorithms to solve complex equations and approximate functions to yield strong signals with little noise (interruptions or disruptions).

Privacy at every step

We take your data security and privacy seriously. We enter into Data Processing Agreements with partners to ensure global privacy standards. Our technology regularly undergoes vulnerability testing to OWASP standards by independent security experts.
A map of the world with different regions highlighted. USA as HIPPA, California as CCPA, Brazil as LGPD, Europe as GDPR, South Africa as POPIA, and Australia as APP
Global Patents
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