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Manage various locations, staff, and services through one Upvio

Your Problem

You are a growing practice expanding your footprint to more locations and require a seamless platform to manage your appointment calendars and telehealth. Or you have been managing your locations through multiple systems, instances and are tired of spending resources on managing this headache.

Your Solution

One seamless powerhouse to manage scheduling, forms, video call, chat, patient portal and payments across multiple locations. Digitize and automate repetitive, growth hampering, non-patient facing tasks.

Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Manage appointment schedules for groups of locations and staff

Easily but comprehensively control services, staff, treatment locations, shifts and timezones. Avoid misunderstandings and limit front desk time.

Cut admin by 50%

Location, location, location -
We support them all

Ability to set multiple virtual and physical locations to support multiple locations.

85% are satisfied with telehealth
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Team them up for success

Provide the option of inviting two or more staff to be present at the same time.

93% of Clinicians approve telehealth

We all have our own ways

Select specific services for team members, their location, break times and more.

50% cite admin as biggest burden
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Ping - remind and automate

Reduce no-shows through custom email and SMS notifications and reminders. Notify staff and patients when an appointment is scheduled. Send follow-ups and even ask for patient reviews.

40% reduction in no-shows

No front desk - get paid upfront

Payments via credit card Stripe and PayPal at the point of booking. No front desks at every location - collecting payments upfront will relieve your practitioners.

69% say easy-to-use technology encourages bookings
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

The Undisputed Rising Star in Telemedicine

Powerful features to boost
your multi-location network

Multi-location scheduling made easy

Practice teams never had more comprehensive features to manage multiple locations.

Customizable booking pages

Easily create your own branded booking page, embed it into your website or simply share the link.

Build forms, no coding required

Improve admin efficiency with digital forms built using Upvio form builder.

Custom notifications for all

Set dynamic email and SMS notifications for patients and staff. No-shows no more!

Sync calendars across all locations

No more calendar clashes! Sync all calendars and avoid double bookings.

Accept online payments

Credit card payments at the time of appointment setting to reduce no-shows.

Multi-staff bookings

Provide the option of inviting two or more staff to be present at the same time.

Group bookings

Enable inviting group of patients to the same appointment.

Virtual & physical locations

Ability to set virtual and physical locations for hybrid teams.

Recurring appointments

Allow easy setup of recurring appointment series.

User-friendly dashboard

View upcoming appointments, SMS credits, reviews and feedback.

Individual practitioner settings

Select specific services each teammembers provides, their location, break times and more.

All fully HIPAA and GDPR-compliant

All tools are fully HIPAA and GDPR-compliant to provide a trustworthy care experience.

For teams large and small

Built to grow with your practice. Add team members. User-based pricing to control cost.

Coordinate staff, rooms and services

Set up specific rules to manage multiple staff, services and locations. All possible with Upvio.

The secret sauce has more
than one ingredient

Don’t forget Upvio combines your appointment scheduling with secure telehealth tools in one powerhouse platform.

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