Salivary Gland Surgery

Surgical procedures on salivary glands.


CPT code:



Category I




Otolaryngology, Anesthesia



This CPT code covers various surgical procedures performed on the salivary glands, such as removal, reconstruction, or repair. These surgeries are typically done to treat issues like tumors or obstructions within the salivary glands. The specific procedure and techniques used can vary based on the patient's condition and the surgeon's approach.

Under what category does Salivary Gland Surgery fall?

Category I

What is the billing unit for Salivary Gland Surgery?

Per Procedure



Clinical use

CPT code 00100 is used for surgical procedures on the salivary glands. It is typically employed when a patient requires the removal, repair, or reconstruction of the salivary glands due to conditions like tumors, stones, or obstructions. These procedures aim to restore proper salivary function and alleviate associated discomfort.


Documentation for CPT code 00100 should include a thorough description of the procedure, the specific glands involved, the reason for the surgery, and any relevant pre-operative and post-operative findings. Surgical notes should detail the surgical approach, techniques used, and any complications encountered. Pathology reports may be required for tissue analysis.

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