Emergency department visit, low complexity

Emergency Department (ED) services encompass a range of patient encounters. CPT code 99282 is indicative of a mid-level emergency department visit, reflecting the assessment and management of patients with health concerns of moderate complexity.


CPT code:



Category I


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Emergency Department Services


New or Established Patient

Within Emergency Department (ED) services, 99282 is a code that represents mid-level visits where healthcare providers assess and manage patients with health concerns of moderate complexity. The code is applied when encounters in the ED demand a more in-depth evaluation and management approach than low-level visits. Its use ensures accurate documentation of efforts in managing patients with health concerns that present a moderate level of complexity during mid-level emergency department visits.

Under what category does Emergency department visit, low complexity fall?

Category I

What is the billing unit for Emergency department visit, low complexity?

Per Encounter



Clinical use

Emergency department visit, expanded problem-focused.


Emergency department visit; detailed history and examination, low complexity medical decision-making.

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