Inpatient consultation, straightforward complexity

Within the realm of Evaluation and Management (E/M) services, CPT code 99252 marks the initiation of inpatient consultations. This code is employed when physicians undertake the first step in assessing patients admitted to the hospital, emphasizing low complexity cases.


CPT code:



Category I


Evaluation and Management (E/M)


Office or Other Outpatient Consultations


Inpatient or Observation Consultations

99252 is utilized for the initial phase of inpatient consultations, signifying encounters with patients whose conditions present low complexity. The code reflects the foundational step in evaluating and managing hospitalized individuals, capturing instances where the healthcare provider engages in the early stages of understanding and addressing the patient's health concerns. Its use ensures accurate representation of efforts in managing hospital admissions with uncomplicated scenarios.

Under what category does Inpatient consultation, straightforward complexity fall?

Category I

What is the billing unit for Inpatient consultation, straightforward complexity?

Per Encounter



Clinical use

Initial inpatient consultation for a new or established patient, low complexity.


Initial inpatient consultation; comprehensive history, examination, and MDM for a moderate complexity patient.

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