Subsequent hospital care, moderate complexity

Within hospital inpatient services, CPT code 99233 is a key element, representing subsequent care for moderate complexity cases. This code is employed when healthcare providers engage in the ongoing management of patients admitted to the hospital, with health concerns that demand a moderate depth of evaluation.


CPT code:



Category I


Evaluation and Management (E/M)


Subsequent Hospital Inpatient or Observation Care


New or Established Patient

99233 is instrumental in hospital inpatient services, denoting the continued care provided to patients admitted to the hospital with moderate complexity cases. The code reflects the ongoing efforts of healthcare providers in assessing and managing patients whose health concerns require a nuanced approach. Its utilization ensures accurate documentation of the ongoing management efforts for cases that demand a moderate depth of evaluation.

Under what category does Subsequent hospital care, moderate complexity fall?

Category I

What is the billing unit for Subsequent hospital care, moderate complexity?

Per Encounter



Clinical use

Subsequent hospital care, typically 35 minutes per day.


Subsequent hospital care; high complexity MDM.

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