Plasma Fresh Frozen

CPT code 86927 is essential for the preparation and storage of fresh frozen plasma (FFP).


CPT code:



Category I


Pathology and Laboratory


Transfusion Medicine



It is an essential code in the realm of transfusion medicine, specifically for the processing of plasma. Fresh frozen plasma is a vital component in the management of bleeding disorders, liver disease, and other critical medical conditions. This code encompasses the collection, preparation, and freezing of plasma, ensuring that it remains readily available for emergency transfusions.

Under what category does Plasma Fresh Frozen fall?

Category I

What is the billing unit for Plasma Fresh Frozen?

Per procedure


Modifiers can be applied as needed to specify particular details of the procedure.

Clinical use

The primary clinical use of CPT code 86927 is for the collection, processing, and storage of fresh frozen plasma. This plasma is a critical resource in cases of massive bleeding, clotting disorders, and liver diseases. Its availability is essential for timely and life-saving transfusions.


Proper documentation should include patient information, the reason for plasma collection, details of the procedure, and any relevant test results. Comprehensive records are essential for ensuring the availability of fresh frozen plasma when needed.

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