Volume Reduction of Blood Product

CPT code 86960 pertains to the essential procedure of volume reduction for blood products.


CPT code:



Category I


Pathology and Laboratory


Transfusion Medicine



This code plays a crucial role in the field of transfusion medicine, ensuring that blood products are appropriately processed to reduce their volume while maintaining their therapeutic efficacy. The procedure involves the removal of excess plasma and other components, making the blood product more concentrated. This is particularly important in cases where the recipient requires a specific component of the blood, such as red blood cells, and the reduction of volume is necessary to minimize the risk of transfusion reactions.

Under what category does Volume Reduction of Blood Product fall?

Category I

What is the billing unit for Volume Reduction of Blood Product?

Per procedure


Modifiers can be applied as needed to specify particular details of the procedure.

Clinical use

CPT code 86960 is clinically used to perform volume reduction of blood products. It is a critical step to ensure that the blood product is appropriately concentrated, reducing the risk of transfusion reactions and making it suitable for specific patient needs.


Proper documentation should encompass patient information, the rationale for volume reduction, details of the procedure, and any relevant test results. Accurate record-keeping is essential for the safe and effective utilization of volume-reduced blood products.

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