Secure Chat -
The new cornerstone of care delivery

HIPAA compliant real-time and asynchronous chat features seamlessly integrated in your video calls & scheduling

Don't feel like talking - send a chat

HIPAA & GDPR-compliant video

Remain HIPAA compliant, always

Instant & Asynchronous Messaging

Effective communication tools for all

Private & Group Chats

Impactful features to improve care

Chat & share during video calls

Send messages to all participants and securely share documents during on-going video sessions.

Composite image of app interface showing staff selection
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Real-time & asynchronous chat

Support urgent care delivery with real-time chat messaging. Open new revenue streams through asynchronous chat support.

Offer virtual private & group chats

Deliver one-to-one and both private and public group conversations all delivered in a convenient and confidential digital space.

Composite image of app interface showing staff selection
Composite image of app interface showing staff selection

Patients don't always want to talk

Expand your delivery of care vehicles through flexible, secure and convenient care. More efficient communication for both patient and practitioner.

Impactful Chat Features -
Delivering More Efficient Care

Feature rich chat

A modern chat platform tailored to healthcare professionals needs and challenges.

One-to-one chat

Secure and confidential chat conversations in real-time or asynchronously.

Private & public group chat

Engage multiple users in a group conversation. You can add users to an existing chat or create from scratch.

Offline messaging

Use push notifications to notify patients when new messages are available even when they are offline.

File sharing

Send your patients a wide range of file formats including text, picture, video and audio in real-time.

Chat moderation tools

Advanced moderation tools to ban users and message masking for profanity and unwanted sharing.

All fully HIPAA and GDPR-compliant

Fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant to provide a trustworthy, comfortable care experience.

Store message history

Store and retrieve your conversation history with your patients.

The secret sauce has more than one ingredient

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