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10 Booking Confirmation Email Examples

10 Booking Confirmation Email Examples

11 Jan 2022
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10 Booking Confirmation Email Examples

Nowadays, the majority of the purchases are followed by some sort of confirmation. It gives a customer peace of mind and guarantees that the process went smoothly. Confirmation emails are one of the most demanded types of trigger messages. They bring additional value, and help to improve and maintain the customer experience.

A booking confirmation email is a transactional message which proves that the orders have been processed. Besides, this type of email provides full details such as a receipt, reference number, prices, and other relevant information necessary for the booking.

You might now wonder whether or not a confirmation email is worth sending – Unific study shows that 64% of customers believe that confirmation is the most valuable message in the inbox. Besides, confirmation emails receive at least a 70% open rate.

Sounds exciting? Follow up and find out more about booking confirmation email writing and the best practices. Besides, we will present some excellent email template examples of confirmation emails for different industries and categories!

Importance of Booking Confirmation Emails

As mentioned before, confirmation emails have high opening and click-through rates, so you might want to use this opportunity to upsell some relevant services or products. Besides having a great marketing opportunity, confirmation emails tend to land in the primary inbox, so you will avoid getting to spam.

Other than that, booking confirmations create a sense of trust and strengthen the relationship between the customer and the brand. Customer loyalty is being formed with a strong bond as you show the recipient that you care about him/her even after the booking is made and the money is paid.

Lastly, booking confirmations give assurance to the clients. After receiving an email, the customer is definite about their booking and has no doubts. However, suppose the confirmation email does not arrive in a few minutes after the transaction. In that case, the clients start to worry, thinking that something is not right, so ensure that the confirmation follows promptly after the purchase to avoid any inconveniences or double bookings.  

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Writing a Booking Confirmation Email

When writing your booking confirmation email, there are a few rules you might want to follow to ensure that all the necessary details are in place. Let's construct the confirmation following the further steps:

1. The confirmation should start with a relevant subject line, so the recipient's attention could be caught easily.

2. The main body of the email should be personalized with the relevant details and individual purchases for each client. Besides, it will also showcase the individual approach and special attention.

3. Appreciating the client's choice also should be included. Be polite and thank the customer for choosing your product/service.

4. The email must include all the necessary details so your client could find all the information in one place. Add the receipt, the booking date, the customer's and the company’s address, the amount paid, etc.

5. Furthermore, your confirmation email should include an explanation of the cancellation policy. Your customers should be aware of all the terms and conditions if they no longer can make it. You might also add contact details for customer support in case any questions arise.

6. Add a clear call-to-action button. Besides just providing the relevant details about the booking, you should tell your customers what they need to do next: to confirm or change the booking, arrange payment, etc.

7. Do not forget to add some visuals to support the information in your confirmation. It can be the photos of products purchased, the destination the client is about to visit, a restaurant, or a hotel image. This will help create excitement for the products or services they are about to receive or experience.

8. Finish the confirmation email with a reward. Offer a promotion or special discount which relates to the booking. It can be a meal at the restaurant, reduced cost of transportation, free entrance to the museum, complimentary bottle of wine, or anything else that would strengthen your relationship with a client. Alternatively, you can provide a great deal for the following order, so the customer is encouraged to buy from you again.

Best Practices for Your Booking Confirmation Email

As you are now aware of bits and pieces which should be included in an excellent and well-performing booking confirmation email, it is time to explore some of the best practices to step up your confirmation email game even further!

1. Before you send the confirmations, make sure to segment your contacts! Create an email that is relevant to your customer. Use the data collected to approach your client in the way it would suit them, and they would be keen to open your email. Email personalization is always a great touch when building a relationship, so do not miss the chance when sending the booking confirmation.

2. The booking confirmation email should follow straight after the booking! To keep your customers satisfied, ensure that the confirmation reaches the recipient’s inbox right after the booking was made. Delays in receiving the confirmation might result in clients being worried if their booking came through.

3. Use referral or bonus programs to build customer loyalty! Many businesses motivate their clients by offering special discounts, bonuses, loyalty points, or cashback rewards which encourage further purchases within the same brand. Besides getting a loyal customer, your brand will also receive an increase in revenue.

4. Automate your booking confirmation emails! You might struggle to send individual confirmations every time somebody has made a purchase. Email automation allows you to set up email sending beforehand based on your customer’s actions, so you don’t have to worry that the confirmation email will not be received! To help you with automation, you need an excellent email marketing tool that ensures high deliverability and provides great support when designing your emails. If you are looking for a budget-friendly version, Sender is a perfect option for you! With a free forever plan, you will enjoy all the benefits and features and will be able to automate your booking confirmation emails to save time!

Booking Confirmation Email Templates

As we have covered best practices and email writing techniques for the booking confirmation email, it is time to look at how other businesses do that! Let’s check out a few different types of confirmation emails, so you could compare and contrast them as well as get some inspiration.

Order Confirmation

An order confirmation is the most common type of confirmation email. Whenever the customers purchase the product or service, they receive a confirmation that showcases their order and its status. Order confirmation emails also help to reassure the clients that their order is successfully completed and they will be able to enjoy it very soon. It is essential to keep customers updated with the status of their orders. To ensure that customers are satisfied and have a positive experience, it is important to collect customer feedback and use it to improve services and grow the business. This article outlines how customer feedback management can be used to integrate feedback into the product development lifecycle. Additionally, it provides suggestions on how to collect customer feedback, such as emails, surveys, NPS, customer development calls, social media, product review platforms, etc. and how to process and prioritize feedback in order to improve sales, customer service, and loyalty.



Shipping Confirmation

Shipping confirmations go hand in hand with order confirmations. Once the customer has received an email about the confirmed order, they are now waiting for it to be delivered. To keep the clients excited and engaged, you should send a shipping confirmation, too, as it will show that the order is on its way. Shipping confirmations are an excellent way of informing the clients about the delivery and give a preliminary date on when they should expect to receive their goods.



Booking Confirmation

Booking confirmations are common in the tourism and hospitality sectors. You have probably received at least one booking confirmation from the hotel, airline, car rental, or restaurant to confirm that the booking was successful. When sending a booking confirmation, you will assure the customers that everything is in place and ready to go. All the relevant details should also be present, so the client could relax and simply wait for the time of their booking to come.



Subscription Confirmation

Subscription confirmations are emails that are sent automatically after a new subscriber has signed up for a newsletter, music service, or purchased a paid version of an app. As with all confirmation emails, subscription confirmation guarantees that everything went smoothly so the client can start enjoying the subscription purchased without any issues.



Registration Confirmation

Registration confirmations are necessary for people to stay informed whether or not their registration to a seminar, event, or website was successful. Besides confirming the registration, you can also use this chance to lead your client through the following steps and provide some further information so the customers could be fully aware of the process before the event or familiarize themselves with the program of the day.



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Wrap Up: Booking Confirmation Emails

Booking confirmation emails are crucial transactional messages that not only provide reassurance to your customers but also help build lasting relationships and loyalty when done correctly. In this article, we've outlined effective confirmation email writing techniques, essential components, and best practices such as customer segmentation, referral programs, appropriate timing, and email automation. We've also showcased various examples of confirmation emails tailored to different industries.

As a medical, health, or wellness practice, incorporating these best practices and examples into your booking confirmation emails can significantly improve your communication with patients and clients. Upvio can help your organization optimize its confirmation emails by providing a seamless email automation experience, tailored to your specific needs.

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