Repair of Cleft Lip

Surgical repair of a cleft lip.


CPT code:



Category I




Plastic Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery



Cleft lip repair is a surgical procedure to correct a congenital deformity where there is a split or gap in the upper lip. This surgery aims to restore proper lip structure and function for patients, often performed during infancy or early childhood for optimal results. The procedure involves reconstructing the lip's appearance and ensuring it functions correctly.

Under what category does Repair of Cleft Lip fall?

Category I

What is the billing unit for Repair of Cleft Lip?

Per Procedure



Clinical use

CPT code 00102 is employed for the surgical repair of a cleft lip, a congenital deformity characterized by a gap or opening in the upper lip. This procedure is typically performed in infants or children to restore normal lip structure and function, as well as to improve aesthetics.


Comprehensive documentation for 00102 includes the patient's medical history, the extent of the cleft lip deformity, surgical notes detailing the repair, intraoperative images (if available), and any complications or revisions required. Photographs taken before and after the procedure are valuable for illustrating the outcomes.

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