Amwell for Clinicians: Is It Still The Future of Healthcare

Amwell for Clinicians: Is It Still The Future of Healthcare

11 Jan 2022
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Since 2006, Amwell for Clinicians has supported practitioners in the ever-changing healthcare field by providing adequate technology advancements. They released features and services that, at the time, were helpful for practitioners aiming to grow their practice. However, due to many external factors, we've recognized a drastic need for healthcare industries to transform to ensure continuous patient support in any condition. The shift from traditional in-person care to virtual and remote care options has seen the most growth over the years.

Practitioners and patients are now increasingly in need of a reliable and advanced tool that revolutionizes the way we do telemedicine. With the significant need to seamlessly connect to patients through video chat, phone call, or text message, is Amwell for Clinicians still the right tool for you? Read on to learn more about a new powerful Practice Management Solution, the answer to all limitations most outdated and inefficient services, like Amwell, have.

Amwell for Clinicians Versus Upvio

Unlike most telemedicine tools, Upvio is designed with both practitioners' and patients' positive experiences in mind. All features incorporated in our software are helpful and can immensely simplify the life of every clinician. Below are the primary features and benefits of using Upvio.


  • Scheduling - Did you know you don't have to spend endless hours daily managing your calendar? Upvio has an exceptional Appointment Scheduling feature that lets you manage your own, your staff, or your team's schedule on multiple calendars. You're fully empowered with a customizable booking page, a calendar you can integrate into other platforms, automated appointment notifications, and more. While Amwell for Clinicians also has a booking capability, it's remarkably feature-limited compared to Upvio's.
  • Video - Both telemedicine service providers have HIPAA-Compliant video functionalities. However, patients have reported challenges using Amwell for Clinicians' video features. Meanwhile, Upvio has a more reliable, simple, and intuitive interface, easily integrated into scheduling. 
  • Chat - Another revolutionary feature by Upvio, which most providers don't offer, is the synchronous and asynchronous chat feature. Reach your patients or share documents effortlessly through a convenient chat channel.
  • Forms & Templates - There's no need to keep using traditional data gathering and information management with Upvio's built-in customizable forms and templates. Manage all your patients' records digitally for smoother appointment flow.
  • Face Vitals - Introducing the most revolutionary feature in telehealth yet. FaceVitals is a smartphone-based remote health assessment tool that enables practitioners to conduct comprehensive vital checks in 30 seconds. 

Benefits of Using Upvio

Are you wondering what it's like to use Upvio, the newest Practice Management Solution taking the healthcare world by storm? Check out its knockout perks below or learn more about its usage:

  • Eliminate Redundant Admin Task
  • Provide New Opportunities to Scale and New Revenue Streams
  • Convenient and Flexible
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • HIPAA & GDPR-Compliant
  • Fast, Secure, and Reliable 

Upvio Pricing

Upvio understands the importance of finding a telehealth tool that works best for practitioners. That's why we have a free trial to let you test the waters. Even after signing up, you can avail of our services on your own terms through monthly or yearly payments, with prices starting at $24 per user.

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Who Can Use Upvio?

Upvio aims to help group, solo, and side hustle practitioners leverage technology in caring for patients and expanding their practice. Regardless of which branch in the healthcare industry you're practicing, we want to simplify how you manage your business. We do that through secure video consultations, convenient scheduling, flexible communication channels, and more.

Aside from practitioners, administrators, receptionists, and tech developers also love Upvio. With fast and automated all-in-one digital features, cut back significant hours on admin tasks and pivot on patient care.

How Can I Get Started with Upvio?

If you're looking for a tool that can help you scale your practice without compromising quality care for your patients, Upvio is the perfect solution for you. With software backed by the latest technology, intuitive interface, and unparalleled features, you can start your telehealth practice in the most painless way possible. Upvio also has dedicated live support and completely free implementation assistance to help you every step of the way. 

Are you ready to embrace better and more enhanced telehealth capabilities? Click here to start for free.

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Final Thoughts on Amwell for Clinicians

Amwell for Clinicians once was the future of healthcare. However, with the constant shifts and turns in the industry, adopting a Practice Management Solution that can sustain these transformations is a priority. Upvio, with its latest technology and features, is the perfect solution for small and large-scale practitioners who need better scheduling and telehealth software. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help you streamline your process and improve patient care!

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