Telemedicine Startups: 5 Popular Companies

Telemedicine Startups: 5 Popular Companies

11 Jan 2022
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As part of the healthcare industry, you've witnessed first-hand the transformation in the field, especially after the emergence of many telemedicine startups. Leveraging technological advancements, these innovative companies have revolutionized how healthcare is delivered. Furthermore, they make quality medical services more accessible and convenient for everyone.

Let's explore the most promising telemedicine startups and their impact on healthcare delivery.

An Overview of Telemedicine Startups

Believe it or not, telemedicine is not a new concept. In 1959, The University of Nebraska toyed with the prospect of two-way video communication and made the first telemedicine session possible. Since then, clinicians have used video communication technology to transmit neurological examinations to medical students.

However, it wasn't until the pandemic that made it absolutely necessary to adopt virtual healthcare. It led to many companies innovating a way to revolutionize medical services. Did you know that the increasing number of telemedicine startups accounted for USD 41.63 billion telemedicine market size in 2019? Its growth won't even stop there, with the prediction of its market size extending to USD 396.76 billion in 2027.

There are over 1,300 Telehealth Services businesses in the US. Imagine choosing from a thousand telemedicine companies to help you institute your telehealth practice. It can be a massive undertaking; thus, we've listed the top five telemedicine startups with the most efficient solutions to narrow down your choice.

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Benefits of Employing Services from Telemedicine Startups

Telemedicine startups offer numerous benefits to practitioners, patients, and the healthcare system in general. Here are some of the advantages they provide:

  1. Improved Accessibility - Telemedicine breaks down geographical barriers, ensuring that patients in remote or underserved areas can access quality healthcare. 
  2. Convenient and Time-Saving - Telemedicine provides unparalleled convenience, allowing patients to consult with healthcare providers anywhere. 
  3. Enhanced Care Coordination - Telemedicine promotes seamless care coordination among healthcare providers. Specialists can remotely consult with primary care physicians, offering their expertise and advice without doing in-person visits. 
  4. Timely Access to Specialists - Telemedicine enables patients to connect with specialists in different regions or countries. This immediate access to specialized care can expedite the diagnosis and treatment, particularly for complex or rare medical conditions. 
  5. Continuity of Care - Telemedicine facilitates continuous and consistent healthcare delivery. Patients can have follow-up appointments, receive prescription refills, and discuss test results with their healthcare providers remotely. 

5 Popular Telemedicine Startups

These startups use innovative approaches to make healthcare more accessible and convenient through video consultations, online appointments, or remote patient monitoring.


Upvio is one of the fastest-rising telemedicine startups with highly-efficient solutions designed to make your practice easier. This HIPAA-compliant all-in-one app has appointment scheduling, video consultation, a chat channel, and customizable forms features. Not only that, Upvio also has the first-ever comprehensive smartphone-based remote assessment tool, FaceVitals.

Another appealing aspect of Upvio is its intuitive and user-friendly user interface, making it a suitable tool for non-tech-savvy practitioners. You can look around the software for free or contact the 24/7 support team to learn more.


Healee is a white-label telehealth platform launched in 2022. Their primary services include Telehealth, Digital Check-In, and Patient Scheduling. While they assure assistance on the entire service implementation process, it's worth noting that they do not have 24/7 support.


Coviu is originally an Australian telehealth startup launched in 2015 but recently expanded its service to the US. Their solutions focus mainly on behavioral health, addiction medicine, health systems, and speech pathology & audiology.


Teledentix is a telemedicine startup for dental practitioners. One of their most popular solutions is software made for mobile dental programs. 

BlueJeans Telehealth

BlueJeans Telehealth is a telemedicine solution acquired by Verizon in 2020. Its offerings include virtual meetings, telehealth, and virtual event management.

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There are many reasons to consider telemedicine startups. They offer convenience and often provide a more personalized experience. However, it's essential to scrutinize their reliability since not all startups are created equal. You may always refer to the five companies above since they are listed in order of the most trusted startups among professionals.

Upvio offers scheduling and telehealth software that can help teams large and small keep track of their patients. With features like online booking, automatic reminders, and secure video conferencing, Upvio makes it easy to provide quality care for your patients. Sign up today and see how Upvio can transform your practice.

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